Update: With the UK in a new lockdown from the beginning of January 2021 to combat the new variant of Covid-19 with increased transmissibility, I feel it is not appropriate to offer home visits at the moment, so they are being temporarily suspended. I am still working from The Little Escape in Crystal Palace and from the Light Centre in Belgravia, as I can better control the treatment environment in these centres, and ensure that I am adhering to the strictest standards of infection control: online booking remains open for these in-person treatments. I will re-open home visits at a time when it is appropriate. 

Home visits are available for Osteopathic appointments in the following postcodes:


  • West Drayton/Yiewsley (UB7) 

  • Uxbridge (UB8, UB11))

  • Hayes (UB3)

  • Southall (UB4)

  • Northolt (UB5)

  • Harefield (UB9)

  • Ickenham (UB10)

  • Ruislip (HA4)



For home visits I will need:


  • Unrestricted parking facilities

  • Dedicated, quiet and confidential space in which to work with you, and to move comfortably around a portable massage table (which I will bring)

  • Space in which to wash my hands and put on/take off PPE securely, before and after the appointment

  • Confirmation of the following Covid-19 points (see Covid-19 Policy for more details):

    • You have not tested positive for Covid-19 in last 7 days

    • You don't currently have any symptoms of Covid-19 such as shortness of breath, cough, changes to taste/smell

    • You haven't knowingly been in contact with anyone who is positive for Covid-19 in the last 14 days

    • No-one in your household has tested positive for Covid-19 in the last 7 days, nor have they been in contact with someone who has tested positive and been asked to self-isolate

    • You have been socially distancing according to UK Gov guidelines

  • Your agreement to wear a mask at home during the treatment

  • Payment by bank transfer after the appointment has taken space


BOOKING: Appointments can be booked online, for same day appointments call, SMS or Whatsapp.

AVAILABILITY: Currently suspended; Otherwise, Osteopathy home visits are available on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings 9am-12pm, and on Tuesday afternoons/early evening.

COST: Appointments cost £85 for both the Initial Consultation, and Follow Up appointment (both last for 60 minutes).


Am I allowed to have a treatment at home? 

With London and elsewhere under progressive increased restrictions, as an Osteopath I’m classed a key healthcare worker, who can potentially help to reduce the strain on the NHS by treating people at home. This is written into public guidance. So yes, it is perfectly allowable under all Government guidelines for an Osteopath to enter your home for the purpose of an Osteopathic treatment. 


Are Osteopaths allowed to do home visits, even if my area is under Tier 2 or 3 restrictions?

Yes - Osteopaths are classed as Healthcare, as such as long as we follow our clinic guidance, pre-screen appointments and implement the same infection control procedures, then we can undertake home visits. See our professional guidance on this from the Institute of Osteopathy: https://www.iosteopathy.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/iO-domiciliary-visits-and-treament-of-shielded-people-V2-08062020.pdf 


But is it safe?

I have been safely working from my clinics in Crystal Palace, Moorgate and Belgravia since May. I had to do a full Risk Assessment to identify areas of risk, and implement resulting stringent Infection control procedures to help keep myself, all my patients and everyone else around me (staff members) safe. This included screening all potential patients for Covid-19, and wearing PPE as guided by my professional body the Institute of Osteopathy. This includes a fluid-resistant face mask, disposable apron and gloves, and eye protection. I also work for the UK Test and Trace team, so I am up to date with all ever-changing Government advice on how to stay safe. 


What about the logistics?

Home visits obviously include a degree of travel time in between, as well as set up time, so for the time being I will have an hour in between appointments and see how that works out.  

What are the benefits of a home appointment over a visit to one of my clinics?

If you're not comfortable travelling in these times, a home visit might be a better option. Similarly if you have an acute injury, if you work from home and lack time away from work, also I can treat different members of the family on one visit. 


Can I book online?

Yes! But I will need to speak/communicate with you before to determine that a face to face appointment is appropriate, and that the criteria for face to face appointments have even met as I would for any clinical appointment - see Covid-19 Policy for more details.Online booking closes 6hrs before appointments can be booked, so for same day bookings, call, SMS or Whatsapp for availability. 


Where will I be treating?

As above, as I live in West Drayton, nr Heathrow, I’m comfortably able to travel to, and work in, the following list of areas/postcodes, with an hour in between for travel time and setting up time:


  • West Drayton/Yiewsley (UB7) 

  • Uxbridge (UB8, UB11))

  • Hayes (UB3)

  • Southall (UB4)

  • Northolt (UB5)

  • Harefield (UB9)

  • Ickenham (UB10)

  • Ruislip (HA4)



How much does it cost?

It costs £85 for the Initial Consultation and for the Follow Up appointment (both last for 60 minutes)


Why should I choose you?

I work very differently with people and as a result, achieve different outcomes, often where other types of treatment have not been successful. I work fascially, structurally, viscerally, and importantly, neuro-functionally - yes that’s a mouthful, but it’s the only way I can think of to describe what I do - which is essentially assess what your brain is making your body do as opposed to what it should be doing, and once we have found those dysfunctional neuro-functional relationships, you’d be surprised how eager the brain is to resolve them! Resolution typically means a reduction in the pain/problem that made you book me in the first place. I've been in practice in physical therapy for over 10 years, and work with a variety of patients from all walks of life. 


I’m also trained in Functional Medicine, so very keen to help with systemic health issues that often are part and parcel of your musculoskeletal problems.