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A 60 minute ​Initial Consultation to discuss, assess and treat your issue(s).


A 45 minute follow-up appointment after the Initial Consultation.


Intended as a combination of the 60 minute Initial Consultation and first 45 minute follow-up appointment, appropriate if you have a complex health presentation, also appropriate if you just want to treat yourself to 90 minutes of attention!


A 60min session looking at Fascial restrictions in the body and making fundamental, physical and neuro-functional, fascial change to help you move, function, and feel better.



This new treatment Find Your Centre really is an accumulation of where I'm at these days with my treatment approach - a culmination of all my experience, knowledge, skills. This is work that I incorporate into every session whatever you book in for, as it underpins everything else. 


Find Your Centre - what does that even mean?! ‘Core’ is overused and misunderstood but it basically means, enable the appropriate muscles to support the lumbar spine during activity. And guess what, this is not something that you can consciously do, if there is any issue with how your brain is communicating with the muscles of lumbar support! Let me explain. 


The brain has a habit of shifting away from full engagement of muscles or muscle groups, for a variety of reasons - maybe due to injury, a condition, Pregnancy often, scar tissue from abdominal intervention always is a major contributor to changing of neural pathways. C- section? You need to come and see me. Sometimes, who knows what the reason is. Sitting at a desk all day? Maybe. 


But what we find is that if the brain is not communicating well with the muscles that should be supporting the lumbar spine, then other accessories muscles will have to work harder to take up the slack or other muscles and/or muscle groups at different points in the body (along chains of muscles, connective tissue and the shared innervations). This creates an environment of spinal joint inflammation and compression, and super importantly - of Diaphragm inhibition - that perpetuates a cycle of dysfunction and injury. You start to exercise because everyone tells you that it will help improve your lower back pain. But if your brain is not engaging these muscles of lumbar support correctly, it can often actually feed into the cycle, and make it worse, rather than break and improve it.


In these Find Your Centre sessions, we look at neural pathways, at common patterns of compensation that result in inflammation and compression initially in the spine and neck, that often will spread into the peripherals - hips/knees/ankles/shoulders etc - as dictated by your medical history i.e. the locations of typically chronic, sometimes new, pains that you experience, that just don’t seem to respond to other treatment modalities. 


ONE SESSION with me can often make some fundamental changes in how your brain communicates and supports your body during daily activities, by restoring neural pathways to core joints (see what I did there!) to remove the environment that was perpetuating them. And then, after this session, everything else becomes more productive and effective, be that exercise, or indeed other treatment modalities. And as part of these, we are then able to reverse Diaphragm inhibition, and restore Diaphragm function (with some training), which provides yet another and very important layer of spinal mobility and stability - and we can see how systemic health can also be improved through the mobilisation of visceral organs that Diaphragm attaches to with every proper, un-inhibited breath you take (it may surprise you to find out how Diaphragm attaches to the Liver, Gall Bladder, Transverse Colon, Pancreas, Stomach etc). Got you thinking? 


We all have a nervous system, and we all have a brain that uses the nervous system to communicate with the body, and it really works both ways. Join me on this journey of sensory feedback to investigate chronic pain and dysfunction that remains after you’ve been to see everybody else; join me as we help restore neural pathways (and therefore function!) that your brain at some point shifted you away from (it thought it was helping, maybe it did at the time), but meant you were stuck in a cycle of compression and inflammation, creating reduced mobility, joint dysfunction and inflammation also known as PAIN.


I learned how to work with scars all the way back in 2012 through myofascial and specialist scar training, and over the years my understanding of scar tissues and how they can affect the body on so many levels, has grown. These days I love working with scars as there's so much we can do with them! This new option is thus a clinical treatment to for scar tissue from Surgery or Injury, to:


  • Help improve the appearance of scars

  • Help reduce musculo-skeletal adhesions and restrictions from scars

  • Learn how scar tissue can diminish the neural pathways that enable how the body moves and supports itself muscle recruitment (and how this can be resolved!)

  • Release emotions associated with scar tissue


Using tried and tested Osteopathic, Myofascial (Indirect) and Neuro-functional techniques. 

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